We are a specialist service that supports both the local authority and schools to understand and increase the educational achievement of all children and young people within Torbay.

We have a team that includes fully qualified Educational Psychologists, Trainee Educational Psychologists and interns, who are psychology undergraduates gaining work experience within the service.

We carry out Statutory and core work as directed and paid for by the local authority:

  • Provide EP advice as part of an EHC assessment
  • Provide assessments and reports for annual reviews
  • Attend Annual Reviews
  • Undertake assessments of young people over 16 in further education
  • Monitor the implementation of EHCPs and providing advice to schools where necessary to ensure the plan is being properly implemented (Advisory Teacher)
  • Monitor specialist provisions
  • Provide support for schools at times of crisis

We also carry out other tasks as directed and paid for by schools or others as traded services:

  • Training
  • Assessment of individual children 9unless expressly directed to do so by the LA
  • Observations and advice
  • Support for school staff and staff surgeries
  • Advice around classroom practice
  • Direct intervention with individuals
  • Consultation and reviews within SEN support
  • Parent drop-in sessions


Yes, our contact details are shown on this page. However, the staff at your child’s school or nursery or you GP are the best people to contact initially if you are concerned that your child may have special educational needs.

If you contact us directly we will ether:

  • pass on your concerns to your child’s school and discuss what support from us, if any, they would like us to provide within their traded services contract with us
  • forward any requests for statutory assessment to our SEN team, who will seek further information from your child’s school before the request can be properly considered.

Your school will contact us to make a referral and arrange a consultation if necessary. We will jointly decide on an appropriate course of action in consultation with you and other adults who may be involved with your child (for example teachers or health visitors).

This will usually involve school and you implementing some sort of intervention programme or involve us carrying out some assessment work, for instance to look at your child’s learning.

Sometimes it may be appropriate to make a referral to another agency which the school or we will arrange, with your consent.


Yes. Everything we record concerning your child is available for you to see. You will receive a copy of all consultation records and any reports written by us concerning your child.

If someone has referred your child they should have had your agreement beforehand. You should have received a consultation request form which requires a signature from a parent/guardian prior to any involvement from us. If you do not want our involvement then simply return the form to us and state clearly that this is the case. If you did agree but later change your mind then the involvement of the service will stop at your request.

Some children who live in Torbay attend schools which are in Devon (i.e. in Newton Abbot, Totnes, Dartmouth etc.). Your child’s school has to have access to educational psychology but will not have purchased it from our service. We will only become involved if we are directed to do so from our SEN team in relation to statutory work.

It is school’s responsibility to sort out any exam dispensations or special arrangements that your child may need in have when taking exams. Schools may choose to use their traded service time to support special exam arrangements. We can assist schools by: supporting them to complete required assessments and collect relevant evidence for them to submit to the examining board.