We have recently been in discussion with a number of residents groups throughout the bay area about the possibility of introducing self-funded controlled parking zones (CPZ’s), where a higher cost per permit for the first three years covers the cost of implementation.

A number of residents groups have already carried out this consultation process, which has successfully led to the implementation of this type of self-funded CPZ. 

How to apply

Firstly you should contact your local ward councillor, to gain their support for your application which will eventually need the approval of the members of the Transport Working Party and/or the Executive Lead for highways. 

Secondly an applicant would need to:

  • carry out a consultation exercise
  • provide a signed document from each of the properties that want to be included in your proposed area of residents parking

You may also want to ask people living on neighbouring streets, as often displaced parking becomes an issue and may lead to any proposed scheme attracting objections at the advertising stage.

After your application

Please note the following, should a CPZ be implemented:

  • Only those residents requiring a permit would be asked to pay for them.
  • Only people living within the boundaries of the proposed CPZ would be entitled to apply for a permit.
  • The current limit is two permits per household, with visitor permits available for £10 per book of ten, with a maximum of ten books per year.
  • As a general point a CPZ is normally implemented over either a whole road or number of roads and it should be noted that there is no guarantee that a permit holder may be able to park outside their own property or even in their own road. However they may park in any road within the boundaries of the zone.

Whilst we appreciate the frustration that being unable to park in your own road can cause, no one has the right to park outside their own property. Parking remains the responsibility of the vehicle owner who at all times should park their vehicle legally, safely and without causing an obstruction. All vehicles should be parked abiding by the parking restrictions in place and whilst the council will enforce any vehicles which are parked in contravention of the restriction, the offence of obstruction can only be dealt with by Devon & Cornwall Police Opens in a new window.

Drivers may park in any street, as long as they are legally parked and not causing an obstruction. Unfortunately as you realise we have more vehicles in the bay, than we have on-street parking spaces. Therefore the lack of opportunities for on-street residential parking, especially in the centre of the three towns, can become a very emotive subject.