Disabled badge holders are allowed to park on double or single yellow lines in Torbay for up to three hours at a time, providing the time clock is set to the time of arrival, and no other restrictions apply - such as loading bans, denoted by single or double stripes on the kerb. You must also ensure that you are not causing an obstruction, whether visually or physically, by parking on yellow lines.

Vehicles using a disabled blue badge to park are able to use on street pay and display bays free of charge. They are also able to stay at the location for an unlimited amount of time.

Disabled badge holders can also park for an unlimited period in a limited waiting bay - those bays where the time plate states one hour, no return within two hours etc.

There are also some dedicated disabled bays which have a time-limit on the sign, and a time-clock must be displayed alongside the disabled badge when parking in these bays.

There is no free parking or extra time for disabled badge holders in any of our car parks.