As a result of COVID-19 changes have been made to the way you use the recycling centre. Please ensure you book before visiting.

We have had to change the way that some of our services operate to meet the guidelines set out by the government in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.


Vans are only permitted on site on a Thursday. We allow residents to use vans to access the recycling centre (Thursday only) so that residents who have no other vehicle are able to transport household waste for recycling or disposal. The amount of waste brought to the site using a van should be a similar amount to what would fit in the back of a family car. Alternatively, people may use a van to transport large items of furniture which would not fit into a family car (eg. Sofas, beds or other larger single items of furniture). Vans should not be used to bring full loads of waste to the site and neither should they be brought to the site to dispose of any waste generated from commercial activity.

DIY waste arising from home and garden repairs and improvements is not classified as household waste and so restrictions apply.

DIY Waste

Only small amounts of DIY waste from minor home and garden repair or improvements are accepted free of charge, as long as it is sorted into separate material streams i.e. wood, metals, rubble/hardcore/bricks/slabs/tiles, etc and plasterboard.
Small amounts are the equivalent of what can be transported to the site in the back of a family car, twice in any one year, that can be lifted safely by one person.*

It is up to the staff working on the site to ensure that these guidelines are adhered to and sometimes this will mean that they will need to make a judgement about the type and/or quantity of waste and they ultimately have the power to turn people away from the site or to advise them that a charge for waste disposal will be made.

The security guard at the entrance to the Recycling Centre will keep a note of the amount of restricted waste you bring using your car registration number.

Black Bag Residual Waste

Residual waste of a similar composition to household waste is allowed, but is limited to 2 (two) refuse sacks only per visit by a resident.

Tyres (not commercial vehicles)

Only 5 tyres in any 12 month period are allowable per Torbay resident and these must be separated from the rims. Rims are acceptable only without the tyres.

Chemicals i.e. pesticides, white spirits & other household chemicals

These can be accepted provided that they are securely contained and clearly labelled, but there is a limit of 5 litres and these materials must be brought to the attention of the site staff on arrival.

Asbestos Products

Residents can bring at their own risk a maximum of 4 normal size strong plastic bags, double wrapped and securely sealed. This material must be brought to the attention of the site staff on arrival.

* If a household is generating large quantities of DIY waste which exceeds the restricted amount allowed in any one year or completing larger renovation projects such as kitchen or bathroom replacements, they must hire a skip or arrange for alternative private disposal via a suitable licensed company. Alternatively residents can bring their excess DIY waste onto the weighbridge at the Recycling Centre and pay for the cost of disposal.

Fly tipping of any type of waste can result in up to a five year prison sentence or up to a £50,000 fine, so please be responsible with your waste.