All applicants are entitled resubmit an application and there are no restrictions on how many times an application may be resubmitted.

  • All resubmissions require the submission of a new set of application forms and all relevant plans.
  • The first resubmission can be submitted for free so long as it is submitted within 12 months of the Decision Issue date for the original application and only so long as the application does not vary significantly from the original application.
  • All subsequent resubmissions will require the payment of fees. We must be satisfied that the resubmitted application relates to development of the same character or description as the development to which the earlier application related (and to no other development).
  • When we cannot accept an application as a resubmission it must come in to us a brand new application and fees will be charged.

If you wish to resubmit an application we would advise that you speak with the planning officer who made the decision on your application first so that you can gain a better idea of why the application was refused and to advise you on how you might modify your scheme to make it more acceptable.