Straightforward applications are determined under Delegated Powers providing the decision is in accordance with Local Plan policies. The aim is to make a decision on such applications within 8 weeks of the date it was deemed valid.

An application for planning permission is considered on its individual merits when planning law is applied and the decision is based on the premise that if there is no reason to refuse an application then it must be granted.

The planning officer’s role is to ensure that development is supported but only so long as it does not cause harm to neighbouring properties. Applications for planning permission will undergo the process shown below:

  • The planning officer makes an initial desk-based assessment of the application for simple non-contentious applications this will include consideration of the need for a site visit or not.
  • Where necessary, the officer to whom your application is delegated will make a visit to the site. This visit is usually made within the first week of the application period. It may be that the officer will need to make an appointment in order to view the site and this is the reason that the applicant’s details are requested on the application form.
  • The officer will assess acceptability of the proposed scheme and the possible impact of the development on any neighbouring properties.
  • The consultation process begins.
  • Planning law and any relevant constraints are considered.
  • If necessary a site review meeting is held.
  • Some applications must be considered by the Planning Committee.

What happens next?

Once the application has undergone all the appropriate procedures the decision can be made on the application.