If you need to access the data held by us there are three options available to you:

  1. Planning Online database
    We hold records of applications for Planning Permission made during or after 1980 and they are held on the Planning Online database. Please note that we do not hold plans for every property built in Torbay. Only those plans that were submitted as part of applications for planning permission after 1980 are held. Details about planning applications made prior to 1980 are held but we do not hold any plans submitted with an application made prior to 1980.
  2. Land Charges (Local Authority Search)
    Please note that if you are purchasing a property and have sought the services of a solicitor it is likely that they will undertake a Local Authority Search as part of their conveyancing service.
  3. Planning History Search - We will undertake a planning history search on your behalf to retrieve information relating solely to the planning history of an address for a fee of £23 per property. If you wish to request a search contact us.

Ownership and boundaries

Matters of land ownership do not fall under our jurisdiction unless the issue concerns land owned by us. If the details that you require concern boundaries or ownership you will need to contact the Land Registry Opens in a new window. Matters of land ownership fall under the remit of ‘civil’ law, rather than the local planning department, and the services of a solicitor may be required to resolve any matters concerning ownership and boundaries.

Planning and Building Regulations

  • Planning permission grants the permission to undertake development or change. Applications for Building Regulations are made to ensure that building work complies with legislation concerning the safety of the building work.
  • The legal document granting or refusing planning permission is called the ‘Decision Notice’. This is different from a certificate of Building Regulations consent which is called a ‘Completion Certificate’.
  • If you have received a letter from a solicitor requesting details about the planning history of an address it is worth noting that an application for planning permission will always have the Local Authority Planning reference number in this format: 

P/*the year the application was made*/*further four digit number* for example P/2009/1348.

If the details that you require concern any applications for Building Regulations the Local Authority reference number for a particular application will normally appear as a two digit year reference number for the year the application was made followed by a further 4 or 5 digit number, for example 09.09577

For details about any Building Regulations applications made for a property some information is available via Building Control Online. For further information please contact the Building Control team on (01803) 208095. Please note that the Building Control department only holds records of Building Regulations applications going back 15 years and that it is only possible to obtain details other than the Completion Certificate unless the prior permission of that person who submitted the application has been sought.