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Not all works require planning permission as some works can be undertaken under what are called Permitted Development Rights Opens in a new window. We advise that, before you make a formal application for planning permission, you find out if permission is required. Before applying your options are as follows:

Getting advice

  • Free informal advice about what can changes can be made to your house without needing planning permission (under permitted development rights) is available online from the Government. We also advise that you check what other planning constraints (such as Conservation Areas and local plan policies) might apply to your site as this can affect what permissions you might need.
  • General advice about Building Regulations is available online.

What happens next?

If you know that planning permission is needed:

If you know that planning permission is not needed:

  • You can apply for certification that a development is lawful (and does not require planning permission) through an application for a Certificate of Lawful Development or;
  • Make a start on your development if a later date it becomes apparent that the works undertaken did require planning permission you may find yourself open to planning enforcement action, there may be unforeseen consequences with any insurance policies with your property and may experience difficulty in selling your property.
  • It is important that you contact the Building Control Department even if planning permission is not required you may still need to submit a Building Regulations application.