South West Water is committed to eliminating sewer flooding particularly from foul and combined sewers to safeguard both the environment and householders. The Company therefore will oppose all developments where a combined discharge to the public sewer is proposed and will only permit such where it would be unlawful to oppose them.

In addition, applicants’ and their agents should be aware of the fact that sewerage can surge up to ground level in some locations. This  during very heavy rainfall. This needs to be borne in mind where developments may be in low lying areas or basement rooms/garages are proposed.

South West Water reserve the right to confirm the point of connection to their apparatus to ensure the Company can provide the guaranteed standards of service to proposed new developments and existing customers.

The above statements do not give any consent or permission to carry out construction works either over or within 3 metres of their apparatus. Applicants should therefore obtain details of SWW records to ensure this is complied with.

For further information please email or contact South West Water on 01392 443102.