What we will need to know about your existing and proposed windows:

  • Their appearance - drawings and photographs if possible.
  • How they will open - e.g. vertical sliding sash, casement, top-hung, central pivot, tilt and turn.
  • What material and finish they will be - e.g. painted wood, white UPVC, powder-coated aluminium. The cill materials and finish is also required.
  • Exact measurements - including width of the glazing bars, and the total width of mullions and transoms where an opening light meets another opening light or a fixed (non-opening) light , the inner and outer frame width.

You will need to provide:

  • Scaled drawings at a scale of at least 1:10, showing the whole existing and proposed windows as per Figure 1 (not to scale).
  • Larger scale, preferably 1:1, of a typical section of frame and glazing bar of the existing and proposed windows including the reveal (the setback between the window and the outside wall) as per Figure 2 and 3 (not to scale).
  • Photographs of the existing windows are preferred, but this is not essential.
  • A manufacturer's brochure extract may also be helpful if the windows will not be purpose made for your property.

If you are supplying your own plans for your application then we would advise you to contact the relevant manufacturer and request details of your windows to be supplied for your planning application.

Further advice

Our Historic Environment team will be happy to advise you on the design of the new windows. Please note that historic windows should be repaired rather than replaced, wherever possible.

Listed Buildings

Listed Building Consent is almost always required for replacement windows in Listed Buildings.