When buying, leasing or re-mortgaging a property or a piece of land, you will need to submit a land charges search which will show whether there are any legal restrictions affecting the property or land.  Your solicitor will submit this search for you.

We will carry out your search and investigate any restrictions, this information will then be put together in the form of a Local Authority Search. The search will include whether there are any charges for services such as roads, restrictions such as tree preservations orders and conditions imposed on planning permissions and legal agreements.

Types of searches

Full and part searches

The majority of searches we receive are LLC1 and CON29 searches submitted together. You can also do these searches separately or request individual parts of the CON29 form. There are also CON29 optional questions (CON29O) which can be submitted with the other forms or on its own.

LLC1 form

The LLC1 form is a search of the Local Land Charges Register and reveals any outstanding charges that affect the property or land.  These documents will give a prospective buyer an idea of what they can and cannot do with the property.

CON29 form

This form includes enquiries that ask questions about the property or land such as whether the roads surrounding are adopted, whether there are any planning applications or building regulations which affect the property or land, whether there are any nearby road or traffic schemes, or whether the property falls within contaminated land or a radon gas area. All of the information required to complete the CON29 form is available from the Council, and you can request all of the questions or just some of them.

CON29O form

These are a set of further questions which will give details such as:

  • Common land
  • Registered houses in multiple occupation
  • Advertisements on the property / Land
  • Noise abatement
  • Urban development areas
  • Inner urban improvement areas
  • Mineral consultation areas

Personal Searches

Personal searches allow a person to inspect the Local Land Charges Register rather than the Council undertaking the LLC1 on your behalf.  Personal Searches are usually carried out by personal search agencies and the Land Charges Team will inspect the register and provide the results to the searcher.  A copy of a plan highlighting the property to be searched must be sent to the team.

There is no charge for this service, but you will need to book an appointment with the Council’s Land Charges Team.  We require at least 15 working days notice and appointments are available Monday to Thursday between 10am to 12noon and 2pm to 4pm.  Appointments can be booked by contacting us.