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P/2020/0925 | Formation of 14 apartments with car parking and vehicular/pedestrian access (as revised by plans received 15.03.2021). | Site Of Former Conway Court Hotel Warren Road Torquay TQ2 5TS
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Comment submitted date: Tue 05 Jan 2021

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Mr Graham Chilvers Riviera Mansion Warren Road Torquay TQ2 5TN (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 18 Dec 2020

The problem with this development is that its' target is it quantity over quality.
These 14 tiny apartments bring nothing to the area. This is a new build and therefore without the restraint of an existing building, it should be apartments with some real living space and quality about them. This can only be achieved by reducing the number and increasing the size of each apartment. It's an over development.
Warren road is already a nightmare for residence as it is always full with parked cars. This development makes no allowance for second cars or visitors. It going to make an impossible parking situation worse. It's an over development
The height of the building doesn't follow the curve of the hill, so it's a little high. Its, biggest problem is it will fit it and not stand out. That's because even though its' a blank slate, there is nothing grand, stylish, or modern about this building. It's too many units squeezed in a dull bland building. Think I prefer the look of waste ground.

Paul Wyman Et Al 4 The Grange St Lukes Road South Torquay TQ2 5NZ (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 17 Dec 2020

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Mrs Andrew Baker Trevadlock St Lukes Road North Torquay TQ2 5PD (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 15 Dec 2020

I object to the current planning application although I do not object to this site which has been an eyesore for many years being developed.
1. The planned building is too high and is out of alignment with the adjacent buildings and therefore does not comply with the Neighbourhood Plan Policy TH8.
2. The allocated parking spaces are not sufficient . This will put further pressure on street parking which is already a problem in the area.
This also does not comply with the Neighbourhood Plan Policy TH9.

Mrs Joanne Wildenbeest The Bay 17 Cary Road Torquay TQ2 5DR (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 15 Dec 2020

I object to the current planning application. The proposed building does not fit in this part of the Belgrave conservatory area. The building is too large and high compared to the surrounding buildings. The maximum height should be the same as the roof of the original building (and not the chimneys), or maximum half way the height of the 2 neighbouring buildings so that the appearance of the buildings in a row from below and from across the bay would not be changed. In addition the scale of the building is too large compared to the surrounding buildings, as it is a massive block and therefore does not fit between the other houses in that area. Because of the hight and scale of the property and consequently more windows there is a high risk of loss of privacy of the surrounding buildings.

In addition he parking spaces provided in the building are not sufficient for the new residents, as in apartments of this size it is more likely that residents own 2 cars, and there is only one parking space provided per apartment in the parking garage. This means that this will put further pressure on parking and traffic in the surrounding streets.

Another point for objection is the lack of plans/solutions to make this building climate neutral. As we are all aware of the threat of global warming, all new buildings should have a solid plan how to make their building climate neutral or at least as eco-friendly as possible.

Mr Aston Parker The Penthouse 19 The Bay Cary Road Torquay TQ2 5DR (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 10 Dec 2020

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Mr John Parker Flat 9 Ellington Court St Lukes Road South Torquay TQ2 5NZ (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 10 Dec 2020

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Miss Jacquelyn Crow Flat 5 Harold Court St Lukes Road South Torquay TQ2 5NZ (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 09 Dec 2020

While I would like to see this site utilised, the proposed plans represent an overdevelopment for the size of the site. The height of the development and the number of flats are both too large for the site. The height is of particular concern as it will have a detrimental impact on the outlook of existing properties in the neighbourhood and is not in keeping with the surrounding architecture. I am concerned that this sets a dangerous precedent to allow an ever growing skyline to dominate the local area at odds with the status of a conservation area. If plans were to develop a comparable number of flats with a roof height the same or lower than the buildings directly abutting this site I would withdraw my objections on the architectural front.

I am also concerned that there will be insufficient parking on site to accommodate a likely 1- 2 cars per household. This will impact negatively on what are already overcrowded streets where local residents already struggle to park even at quiet times. A smaller development will have a much greater chance of being able to accommodate all traffic on site and not cause an overspill into the surrounding streets.

Ms Nancy Kavanagh 1 Grange Apartments St Lukes Road South Torquay TQ2 5NZ (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 09 Dec 2020


Planning Application P/2020/0925

I am writing to lodge my objection to the current planning application for the former Conway Hotel site.

Belgravia Conservation Area

The height and scale of the building is far too large for the site, which is in a Conservation Area (CA). Unlike some CA's, where you have to actually visit them to see the beauty of the properties, the Belgravia Conservation Area is highly visible, with Warren Road acting as a visual boundary from the west, and which can be clearly seen all the way across from Berry Head and beyond. Mistakes have been made in the past. When constructed, the aptly named Rock Walk Heights illegally exceeded its approved height therefore it would be a travesty of the statutory requirements that are formulated to protect a Conservation Area if this proposed project was allowed to use that illegal act to legitimise a further overdevelopment.

Height and Scale

It is quite wrong to take the highest point of Rock Walk Heights and the lowest point of Astor House to justify the height of this proposed block. The site being on rising ground requires the proposed building to be half way in height between the buildings either side. I agree that side extensions should not be considered but the modest height of the previous building complemented the Conservation Area whereas this proposal would destroy the image of the row of buildings.

The plans therefore fail under the Torbay Neighbourhood Plan Policy number TH8.

A building of this size and scale would ruin the stepped appearance of the site from the bay and also create an extremely inappropriate and oppressive vista for anyone walking or driving along Warren Road. Whilst the view from the bay is extremely important, please do not lose sight of the fact that a significant proportion of the existing buildings on Warren Road are utilised for short term/holiday lets and therefore large numbers of visitors, as well as residents, use this road to walk down to the Abbey Sands area. Walking in dark shadow past huge blocks of flats would create an overbearing experience as the road footpath is quite narrow at this point.

There are 6 levels planned to this building so there are options available to reduce the height, ie, if each level were to be slightly reduced in height, or alternatively a single level removed from the plans, the building would then be more in keeping with the scale determined by the original buildings, thus maintaining an aesthetic balance in this important Conservation Area.

Housing Stock

The Planning Statement makes reference to the current housing supply shortfall in Torbay and states that "the proposed development will contribute to boosting housing supply and this should be afforded weight in the determination of the housing application". This would only be appropriate if, like the recently built Abbey Sands building, planning restrictions are put into place to ensure that, unlike many of the existing properties in that section of Warren Road, the units are solely made available to local residents, and/or that short term/holiday letting is prohibited.

Parking Facilities

The proposed building has one parking slot per apartment, but states in the Planning Statement that the building is designed to add to the existing local housing stock. Recent statistics for the South West show average car ownership per household at 1.4 and rising, it follows that many residents purchasing a two bedroom home would have two or more vehicles, meaning there would likely be further pressure on parking in Warren Road, Cary Road and St Luke's Road (both North and South).

The plans therefore fail under the Torbay Neighbourhood Plan Policy number TH9.


With only two single disabled spaces, (which seem to be included in the 14 spaces for 14 apartments) it does not provide any parking whatsoever for visiting disabled drivers. Warren Road is already blighted by long term parking, with cars regularly dangerously parked overhanging both sides of the junction with Cary Road, which would only get worse when more apartments are built. In the case of disabled parking requirements it is not appropriate to state that drivers should use a nearby carpark, as the nearest is on Shedden Hill Road, which would involve a long steep uphill walk back to the site, which would be far beyond the capacity of many physically challenged drivers.

Eco Credentials

For a 21C building, the plans, which have been under pre-application discussion by the developers and TBC since early 2019, seem to be entirely lacking sufficient in firm commitment to Eco credentials. Why, on an unfettered south facing site, the only mention given by the developers is to "consider the use" and assess the potential for renewable energy? Such open words can easily be lost along the path to actual construction. Why are there no firm commitments given to the utilisation of solar panels, ground pumps or similar in the proposals? As a coastal town in the face of the global warming catastrophe, it would be a complete failure not to do everything possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the proposed building. There is a recent 8 apartment development built in Seaton, East Devon that has a Passivhaus Plus certification, why is there no similar foresight and commitment being shown in these plans?


Whilst I object to the current plans I am not against a development on this site, which from Warren Road has remained an unused eyesore for over 10 years. But let's not compound the existing problem by rushing to put an inappropriately scaled building on this important site, that would then remain an out of proportion carbuncle for many decades to come.

Mr Alan Walker The Bay 18 Cary Road Torquay TQ2 5DR (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 09 Dec 2020

I object due to the size of the development footprint on what is quite a small site & the height of the development compared to adjacent buildings . The footprint of the building is too large for the plot & the height is far too high in comparison with the adjacent buildings.

My own residence nearby which is classed as new build 2010 is far more in keeping with what this one should be, it has 18 flats on an inclined site over twice the size.

I understand that the developers are taking their height line from the highest point of the neighbouring building, Rock Walk Heights but have conveniently omitted to point out the fact that their own site lies on higher ground thus the highest point of the development will "stick up" ie be significantly higher that all other buildings in Warren Road. Also Torbay Council have confirmed that Rock Walk Heights in practice actually exceeds the height of the plan actually approved, but have failed to take meaningful enforcement action.

The development if approved as it stands will no doubt set a precedent for every other development in Warren Road and the area, which will lead to ever-increasing heights and reduced outlooks for those of us already here.

I would be happy to support the development if it is made more appropriate so that the actual height above sea level of its top is equal to or lower than its neighbours in Warren Road.

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