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Local Sustainable Transport Fund

In 2012 Torbay Council was successful in its submission of a bid (Travel Torbay Regeneration Project) to the Department for Transport for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund.
This will provide an integrated package of measures including a new Ferry Service, Cycle Way and Bus Service to meet with the Ferry. There will then be an complete connection between Brixham and National Rail Services, as well as Torbay Hospital, through Torquay Harbour and Town Centre. This new infrastructure will be accompanied by a package of supporting measures including harbour infrastructure, travel planning, real time information and work hubs.
Another round of Local Sustainable Transport funding was announced in December 2013 by the Department for Transport. This will provide revenue funding for the financial year 2015/16 and Torbay Council has submitted a bid to for this funding opportunity. The new proposal (SmartTravel Torbay) seeks to invest in improving travel opportunities and accessibility across Torbay through smarter integrated travel and ticketing, improved bus services, cycle training for all, improved walking routes and building upon the existing travel planning work from the Travel Torbay Regeneration Project to expand and create a lasting legacy of sustainable travel and improved health in Torbay.
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