In Torbay the GP Referral scheme has been set up to increase the number of adults participating in regular moderate intensity exercise or activity as part of a planned preventative and/or rehabilitation programme, as a prescribed treatment from their local GP.

The Fitness in Torbay Exercise referral Scheme (FITBAY) is a 10 week exercise programme supervised by fully qualified professionals and is open to anyone registered with a GP in the Bay. The cost is £40. There are various venues across Torbay offering gym sessions, walking programmes and Toning Tables.

Physical activity has a key part in improving health and well being. It helps to prevent coronary heart disease, stroke and some forms of cancer - our countries leading killers. It can also reduce the risk of developing hypertension, diabetes, overweight and obesity.

Who are Fitness in Torbay?

All of the exercise professionals who work on the Fitness in Torbay scheme have been trained to a nationally recognised standard. Their education may include degrees in Exercise and Sports Sciences, Professional qualifications in Gym and group instruction, Referred populations (ability to exercise people with various medical conditions), Cardiac Rehabilitation (ability to exercise people who have had cardiac surgery), amongst others. We are not doctors or physiotherapists but we have had some training in medical conditions and common medications. Therefore we are aware of the benefits of exercise to your health and understand how your medications may affect your ability to exercise.

Do you want to be come more active, more often and have fun, meet new people, discover your local environment, try something new or improve your health?

Physical activity has been proven to have a positive effect on health and fitness. In addition there is evidence to show that physical activity can help reverse or have a significant impact on medical conditions or ailments that you may suffer from. This can lead to reduction in medication, fewer visits to the doctor, and a huge improvement in your well being.

We have helped many people to reduce their stress levels (often something carers can find beneficial), to boost their confidence (helps to make new friends), lose weight (reducing chances of heart disease and many other medical conditions, control their blood sugar levels (improving their diabetes care), to be able to move more easily around the house and to walk further (boosting energy levels), and to manage joint pains (returning people to work).

For more information about the Fitness in Torbay scheme speak to your doctor or contact the Community Fitness Team on 0300 456 1006 or visit the Healthy Lifestyles Team Opens in a new window website.