You can turn up and ride at any community session without booking. See below for the cost for a session (1 hour):

Session prices
Type Cost
Adult £2.60
Family (2 adults and up to 3 children) £7.20
Juniors £2.10
Seniors £2.10

Event Bookings

Schools, clubs and individuals will be able to book the Velopark for events by contacting us.


Anyone wishing to purchase a membership for the Velopark can purchase their memberships at the park. Membership entitles you to ride free for a year/month/week whenever the park is open for community use. 

Please note that weekly and monthly memberships are no longer available for families or seniors.

Annual memberships
Type Cost With parking permit
Adults £62 £82
Family (2 adults and up to 3 children) £115 £135
Juniors (Under 15) £36 N/A
Juniors (16 and 17) £38.50 N/A
Seniors £38.50 £58.50
Weekly and monthly memberships
Type Weekly Monthly
Adults £8 £20
Juniors (Under 15) £5 £10

Bike and equipment hire

Visitors to the Velopark can hire bikes, helmets and baby trailers on site.

Hire charges
Equipment Cost
Bike and helmet £4.50
Bike, helmet and baby trailer £4.50