Torbay’s parks and open spaces provide opportunities for recreation and enjoyment, benefiting health, relaxation, play, peace and tranquillity for Torbay residents. It is important that these opportunities are available for all and that ‘Friends’ groups play a vital role in the enjoyment of our parks and open spaces.

We are responsible for over one hundred and fifty areas of public open space and gardens, with approximately seventy sites furnished with play facilities. The continuing development and improvement of these facilities is to ensure that the needs of the users are being met for present and future generations.

In order to meet these aspirations, we are keen to hear the voice of the community. After all, any changes that are made towards the positive improvement of Torbay’s parks and playgrounds must be done to benefit the community.

Torbay has a number of existing ‘Friends Groups’ who act as an important link between us and the public users of these parks. These groups have been vastly important in providing suggestions for the major (and minor) improvement of our parks and gardens; seeking funding opportunities unavailable to the local authority and helping in the creation of designs; and creating a sociable community environment used as a medium for charity days and community events.

By forming a group you can help us to identify the needs and priorities of the local community whilst understanding the challenges we have.  You can also take advantage of the vast opportunities available to the public and community schemes benefiting those you live next to and amongst.

Key reasons for establishing a ‘Friends’ group include:

  • Friends Groups give people interested in their local park a representative organisation and a means of meeting the needs of the local community.
  • Friends Groups can work in partnership with us and other local organisations to represent local views and improve and develop the park and green spaces.
  • Friends Groups can make and secure grant applications to improve the park or green space.
  • Friends Groups can encourage an increase in the use of the park or green space and discourage abuse and misuse.
  • Friends Groups can work to improve their local park or green space.

If your interested in joining a group or you are already a member of a group and would like to ask us a question please complete the following form.

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Current friends groups