The huts should be of a timber construction (shiplap) with a floor area of approximately 36 square feet. 

The apex should be no higher than 8 foot 2½ inches at an angle of 110°.

No other sizes are acceptable. When contacting a supplier please state your hut is for a site in Torbay.

The roof and fascia should not over hang the sides by more than 3”.

The fascias may be of any shape, but should not end in a point.

The doors may be either left or right handed, and should open outwards as this improves the security.

Seasonal hut users at Corbyn Head, Preston Sands, Roundham, Goodrington Sands and Broadsands Beach may paint their hut doors and facia any colour by agreement.


  • For contact details of Beach Hut Suppliers Approved by Torbay Council please contact: 01803 208024
  • Beah Hut User Group -