You must tell us when you move out of your home. The landlord will also need to tell us within 5 days of you giving notice of your intention to leave.

We will inspect the property to check its condition. We do this when the property is empty with us, you and the landlord or letting agent there. We will compare the condition of the property to the inventory photos we took when before you moved in.

If the landlord or letting agent makes a claim we will decide whether we pay it. They can claim up to the value of the bond on agreement with us for:

  • any work needed to clean or repair damage that goes beyond normal wear and tear
  • rent arrears

If there is a claim we will arrange to pay your landlord. If this happens you will charged for the amount that we have had to pay. If you do not repay us, we will take legal action to recover the money.

The landlord may also take action against you for any amount he is unable to recover from us.