We can only issue a bond if the property meets the required standard. Before we award a bond we will inspect the property to:

  • make sure it is suitable
  • to record the condition by way of a signed photographic inventory

You and the landlord will sign the inventory. There will be a copy for both you and the landlord to keep for future reference.

Once you have moved in

After we issue the bond we will be in regular contact with the landlord or letting agent. This is so we can:

  • assess how the tenancy is going
  • check inspections have been done to make sure that the property is not damaged
  • make sure the property is still safe and habitable

This may include an inspection by us at key review dates.


The landlord or letting agent must maintain the property during your tenancy. If the property falls into disrepair they can not claim against the bond until they make repairs.