£400,000 worth of grant funding, split over two years, was awarded jointly to Torbay Council, Shekinah and Westward Housing in 2017 after a successful bid to central government. 

This money is being used in part to fund an outreach team and volunteer coordinator for two years and to provide money to help people buy items for their new homes; it also contributes to the funding of further safe space at Factory Row which comprises of six units of additional accommodation.

To date nearly 80 people have been supported from the streets into accommodation by the outreach team in the Bay. Volunteers recruited by TESH  are now also being buddied with people to support them in their new homes.

Rough sleeping is not a life choice and anyone who finds themselves in that position has done so because they may have a complicated history and possibly feel it is their only option.  Individual needs change on a daily basis – as will the help and support that people accept. 

Whilst our aim, and that of every person working with the street homeless, is to help everyone into long term sustainable accommodation, it is not as simple as finding a home as ongoing support must also be in place.