We all stumble from time to time but as we get older we may end up on the floor rather than being able to keep ourselves upright. A fall is defined as ‘unexpectedly landing at a lower level than intended’, so that would include slipping out of bed, a chair or sitting back down
in the chair, when intending to stand up.

If we are ill we can easily become weak and lose our strength and balance. We are then more prone to falls. It's important to know at how strong we are and look at ways to help ourselves maintain our fitness or improve our fitness level, so we maximise our strength and balance.

It is true that many older people worry about falls before they have experienced them. This is often the best time to seek advice and help. The earlier action is taken, the better the outcome. It is important to remember that if you talk about your falls, very often,  something can be done to prevent them. Let your GP and any health and social care worker know if you are worried about falling or have had any falls.

For advice on falls prevention or what to do if you fall go visit the Falls Prevention Opens in a new window website.  You can also watch video series on falls prevention.