The Torbay Suicide Prevention Community Pot is available for community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises in Torbay who want to work in partnership with us to run projects related to mental health and suicide prevention. It is about using the strengths and assets of our communities to help improve their outcomes.

This one-off funding has come to us through the Contain Outbreak Management Fund (COMF), which is a COVID-19 recovery related funding scheme from central government. Our Public Health team is using this funding to support the community sector to work on mental health support and suicide prevention. This work will fall into three broad areas:

1. Peer support:

For these projects money would be used for peer support activities around mental health and suicide prevention. This might be used to run peer support meetings or other peer support activities.

2. Online support:

For these projects’ money would be used to support online provision of services, or other online support designed to improve mental health and reduce suicides. This might be used to run an online support group or to fund a community support website.

3. Safe places:

For these projects money would be used to support activities around creating mental health ‘safe places.' This might be used to help run training for Torbay hospitality staff or taxi drivers for example.

We especially welcome applications to support projects which are already running or established.

The community pot has a total of £29,000 available to fund projects or ideas that meet the priorities set out in this guidance. Grants of between £500- £2000 can be applied for.

Torbay Community Development Trust is administering this funding pot on behalf of Torbay Council Public Health.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for the funding you must be a voluntary sector organisation, community group or social enterprise along with the following criteria:

  • The bid or project this funding is used for must have an inclusive approach.
  • The project must take place within Torbay. This can be across all of Torbay or within one (or two if required) of the three towns: Brixham, Paignton and Torquay
  • Your idea, project or scheme will need to support the mental health and wellbeing of people in Torbay and contribute to suicide prevention efforts in the Bay.
  • Expansion of existing projects which are positively impacting upon the local community are particularly encouraged.
  • Your idea, project or scheme must meet one or more of the priorities listed above

We welcome innovation and creativity.

What costs can be applied for?

Expenditure related directly to the project you are requesting a grant for only, including: training, volunteer expenses, publicity, travel, administration, room hire, utilities, telephone and internet, materials and equipment.

Salary costs are not eligible.

What are the assessment criteria?

We want to ensure that the process for applying for the Torbay Suicide Prevention Community Pot is fair and transparent. We plan to use the following assessment criteria and score this against a scoring matrix.  Your project or idea may meet some and not all of the criteria but it will receive an overall score. Each section of the assessment will receive a score from 0-4.


  • Voluntary sector organisation, community group or social enterprise
  • Will take place in Torbay.


  • Meets a gap in the local community.
  • Demonstrates that it will benefit the mental health needs of the local community, specifically addressing suicide prevention.
  • Has an inclusive approach.
  • Addresses one/several of the three priority areas.


  • Can demonstrate which areas of Torbay (all or partial) will benefit from the project outcomes.
  • Can demonstrate how the project will meet a need or gap in the local community.

Outcomes to be delivered

  • Can evidence what difference the project will make to the people of Torbay.
  • Is willing to ensure the project is appropriately monitored and evaluated.

Project resources

  • Reasonable costings have been shown.
  • Shows value for money.
  • Offers a return on the investment in terms of outcomes and benefits for local people.
  • The project could be expanded or replicated elsewhere.

How to apply

Applications can be in different formats, eg. pictures, video, audio.

The application form requires details about the following:

  • Information about the group or organisation.
  • Information about the project and the benefits that it will bring to the people of Torbay.
  • How much money is needed to fund the project.
  • What priorities the project meets.
  • What outcomes the project will deliver.

Please email your completed application for to; 

Deadline for Applications

The deadline for receipt of applications is Monday 1 November 2021 at 5pm. Applications after this time will not be accepted.

Funds awarded need to be spent by 31 March 2022.

Am I able to get help with my application?

If you would like any support to complete the application form or you have any questions about the process, please email;

Please note that receiving any help or support with your application doesn’t necessarily mean that your application will be successful at the panel stage.

How will the application be assessed?

Following the closing date, the application form will be assessed by Torbay Public Health with input from the Torbay Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Alliance (MHSP alliance)

Input will not be sought by members of the MHSP alliance who are applying for funding from this scheme.

You will be notified by email when a decision has been made.

What happens if your application is successful?

If you have been successful, you will be notified via email. This will include details of the funding and what you have to do next.

Following this we will need bank details, and a further agreement and paperwork will be issued.

This is also now your time to celebrate the funds and share the good news with your local community as you see appropriate. As part of this funding, you will be required to monitor and evaluate the work. How this is done will depend on the project and will be developed in conjunction with you by Torbay Community Development Trust, we do not want this process to be too onerous.

What if my application is unsucessful?

If your application is turned down, it will be because it didn’t meet the criteria needed to be able to fund the project.  Whilst our decision will be final it doesn’t mean that your project cannot access funding from another source and we are happy to provide you with feedback on why your project hasn’t been successful.

Equality and diversity

We are committed to ensuring an inclusive and welcoming environment and we have a legal duty to ensure that we are inclusive of all groups in society and foster positive relationships.

Protecting your data

The data that you provide in your application will be held in accordance with GDPR. The information will be used to assess the bid at our steering group and multiple organisations are part of this process.

We may share this information with other organisation or individuals who have a legitimate interest and share information about bids which may be relevant to other schemes.

The data provided may also be used for research or publicity purposes. However, we do recognise the importance of maintaining confidentiality of individuals or vulnerable groups, which may form part of this.