Physical activity includes all forms of bodily movement which raises the heart rate and so helps to improve mental and physical wellbeing.  This therefore includes sport, more structured and organised exercise such as dancing, swimming and active recreation (e.g. attending at gym) as well as everyday activities like housework, gardening or walking/cycling as a mode of transport.

Torbay is the perfect place to get active with plenty of parks, beaches, leisure centres and miles of seafront to take advantage of. Just 15 minutes of physical activity a day can make a big difference to your well being. 

Getting active is good for your overall health, and a great way to keep your weight down, reduce stress levels and improve sleep. It can also be an excellent way to get out, meet new people and discover more about the Bay.

If you find yourself moving less than usual, perhaps because of COVID-19, then we have designed this resource for you to download and use. It is called ‘Anybody Active Anytime’ and you don’t need to be a sporty person to do it. It includes goal setting, a tracker and illustrations of exercises named after some of our favourite local spots here in Torbay. Alternatively you can call and we have a limited number of printed copies to send out to local residents. Contact us for your free copy! ​

Anybody, Active, Anytime
A guide to staying active at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Daily Activity Planner
Use this planner to help you track what you are doing each day.

How much physical activity should I do each week?

Being active can benefit us all, whatever our age. The amount of activity you need to do each week does depend on your age. Check the NHS Choices Fitness Guide to find out how much exercise you and your children should be doing and tips on building this into your lifestyle.

Where should I go for ideas and inspiration?

The "get active" section outlines opportunities such as Bay Walks, Active Mums and Connecting Actively to Nature, while the Active Devon website contains further opportunities for all ages, motivations and abilities.

Cycling in Torbay is on the up! There are many people cycling, young and old, learning or experienced. And whether you cycle to work or for pleasure alone, with your family and friends, or in a group, cycling is a great way of keeping fit and getting about without hassle, fuel costs, and on time just when you want to, avoiding all the queues and congestion. Torbay offers a range of cycle training opportunities as well as the women-only cycling opportunity, Pedal.

You can also access a sports club/activity finder as well as find out how to apply for a Torbay Leisure Card - a free card that offers Torbay residents on low incomes reduced entry charges to a wide range of indoor and outdoor sport and leisure activities.

Director of Public Health Annual Report

This year's annual report is titled "Torbay on the Move" and is focused on physical activity. Take a look to see Torbay’s vision for the next 5 years and how we hope to get there.

Coming Soon – Torbay on the Move – A vision for sport and physical activity in Torbay