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National Guidance: Autumn and Winter plan

For us to have a safe and unrestricted winter, we need everyone to remain vigilant and comply with guidance. Everyone, including those who are fully vaccinated, should follow behaviours and actions that reduce transmission and help to keep people safe.

To find out more about the Autumn and Winter plan see GOV.UK.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Information and guidance on protecting yourself and others during the coronavirus pandemic.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays a key role in infection prevention and control in health and social care settings if used effectively and alongside other vital infection prevention and control measures. PPE should be used in line with national guidance for the role or activity.

Key documents can be found here:

Outside health and social care settings, PPE is not required for managing the risk of COVID-19 unless advised by a healthcare or public health professional.

This is because COVID-19 is a different type of risk to the risks you normally face in a workplace and needs to be managed through social distancing and hygiene measures. When PPE is recommended, it should be used alongside, and not replace, the control measures outlined in Reducing the Spread and Working Safely Guidance.

PPE is not the same as a face-covering. You should continue to wear a face-covering in indoor public spaces.

Access to PPE for health, social care and community settings

PPE is available to purchase. National PPE wholesalers are listed below.

Providers registered with the CQC can order emergency supplies through the national PPE portal. Eligible organisations should have received an invitation to register via their email account registered with the Care Quality Commission. If you think you are eligible but have not been invited, you can contact the customer service team on 0800 876 6802.

Torbay Council and partners are supporting access to PPE for those not unable to access PPE through alternative means (e.g the PPE portal, the NHS supply chain or their usual channels).

We ask that those in need of PPE:

  1. Review the relevant national guidance to confirm PPE is necessary for their role. PPE will be issued in line with national guidance.
  2. Access via their usual channel if this is available to them.
  3. Contact the following suppliers to access national stock directly.
  4. Use the contacts below only once 2 and 3 have been attempted.

When requesting PPE you will be asked about:

  • Your current stock of PPE
  • Your daily usage and need based on recommendations within the guidance (or national guidance if your service is not covered by the local document)
  • The avenues you have already explored.

Contact Public Health