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COVID-19 Community Champions

Can you help Torbay stay informed about COVID-19?

Covid Champions


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Help us to keep Torbay safe, sign up to be a COVID-19 Community Champion

We are inviting anyone over the age of 16, who lives or works in Torbay, to join us to help keep our local community safe by signing up to become a COVID-19 Community Champion volunteer.

COVID-19 Community Champions will help us keep residents, businesses and the community up-to-date with the best advice about COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and enable them to make informed choices.

Our champions will also help us by sharing issues and ideas, so we can listen and adjust to help people stay as safe and well.

How it works


  • sign up to become a champion
  • will receive the latest guidance and information on COVID-19 directly from us
  • share the latest key messages within your community
  • let us know what is and isn’t working
  • will have a single point of contact to discuss ideas, offer suggestions and ask questions

What’s in it for you?

You will:

  • receive training and ongoing support from us
  • be a credible source of information for your family, friends and community
  • help us to keep Torbay and our community safe
  • receive recognition for volunteering – you can tell your customers, your friends, your family, and your employers (current and future)
  • receive a certificate of participation

Together, we can make sure that everyone in Torbay has the information they need to stay safe and healthy.

If you want to volunteer and get involved, please register below:

Register to become a Covid-19 Health Champion

Contact COVID-19 Community Champions