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COVID-19 Testing information

COVID-19 Testing information for Torbay residents

Free testing for coronavirus (COVID-19) from the NHS has ended for most people in England. Free testing services have closed at:

  • Pharmacies
  • test sites
  • community collection points
  • schools, nurseries and universities

Who can still get a free NHS COVID-19 test?

The government has announced free testing will still be available in the following situations:

  • If you have a health condition which means you’re eligible for new COVID-19 treatments.
  • If you’re going into hospital for surgery or a procedure
  • If you work in the NHS or in social care.

If you are eligible to order rapid flow tests, they will be sent to your home.

Who else can get free COVID-19 LFD tests in Torbay?

We recognise that there are many groups who are not eligible for free NHS COVID-19 tests, but are still at a higher risk of infection, either through their occupation or through clinical vulnerability. We will continue to provide free COVID-19 LFD tests to some of the most vulnerable groups of people for a limited period.

This includes people visiting friends and family members in care homes, those caring for or visiting vulnerable relations in their own homes and the Bay’s volunteer workforce. We will review demand and maintain the offer while case rates remain high.

Please email if you would like further information or wish to be considered for free tests under this offer.

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