We have launched a COVID-19 Community Action Fund to provide flexible resources to organisations working with communities who are disproportionately impacted by coronavirus and the social and economic consequences of this outbreak. All applications under £500 will be considered.

What is the Community Action Fund?

Whilst the Government, NHS and all local authorities are doing everything in their power to slow the spread of coronavirus, our Voluntary and Community Sector organisations and local communities are also helping to safely assist those most vulnerable during this unprecedented time.

Through the COVID-19 Community Action Fund, we will rapidly provide small amounts of grant funding to community-led schemes, which achieve the small but important things that can safely address some of the issues that are arising because of this Coronavirus outbreak.

These can include:

  • Safe deliveries of essential goods and services to those who are vulnerable, such as foods and medicines.
  • Support for accessing online information and services
  • Virtual support groups to help people to stay connected and informed and to maintain and support mental health and wellbeing
  • Transport related initiatives that support safe community responses to the outbreak

Who can apply?

Applications are encouraged from constituted and not-for-profit Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector groups and organisations, or a combination of groups working together.

See the guidance for more details.

How to apply

  Apply for the community action fund

Help and support

If you are uncertain about how to apply please contact grants@torbay.gov.uk and mark your email SUPPORT in the subject line.


  1. Non-constituted groups without their own, separate bank account, small local businesses and individuals may apply but they will need to do so with the support of an accountable constituted organisation acting on their behalf as the holder of the funding. If you fall into this category, organisations that Torbay Council would accept as fund holder include:
    • Brixham Town Council
    • Your community partnership
    • Another constituted local voluntary group that qualifies
  2. If you are successful in getting funding for your idea/initiative, we will ask you for some feedback on how your project went within six weeks of receiving the funds.

Terms and conditions

  • I am authorised to sign on behalf of the above-named organisation and that any funding will be used to benefit the community in line with the priorities of the COVID19 Fund and will only be used for the purposes specified in the application.
  • This CPA grant will be used before 31 March 2021 and any unspent/uncommitted monies will be returned to Torbay Council promptly; without proof of purchase or commitment.
  • That I/we will provide Torbay Council with evidence of how the funding has benefited the organisation/local community.
  • That I/we acknowledge and understand that approval of any grant relating to this application does not commit the Council to on-going funding.

Definitions: “Authority” means Torbay Council and “Recipient” means the organisation in receipt of this grant

  1. You are authorised to apply for the grant on behalf of the organisation or you have identified an accountable constituted organisation which is willing to act on your behalf as the holder of the funding.
  2. The grant is awarded to enable the Recipient to undertake the project described within the application form.
  3. Any changes to the use of the grant set out at 2. above must be with the prior written agreement of the Authority.
  4. Any additional costs over and above the approved funding shall be met by the Recipient.
  5. Any grant funds unspent or uncommitted by 31 March 2021 shall be returned to Torbay Council promptly.
  6. The Recipient shall provide the Authority with evidence of how the funding has been spent by no later than six weeks following payment of the grant to the recipient.
  7. The grant shall become repayable immediately in full:
    1. where the Recipient uses the grant for purposes other than those set out in this Agreement, unless with the prior agreement of the Authority;
    2. the Recipient is unable to provide evidence in accordance with clause 6 of this Agreement.
  8. No amendment or variation to the terms of this Agreement shall be valid unless previously agreed in writing between the Authority and the Recipient.
  9. The Authority may, at its sole discretion:
    1. extend this Agreement beyond the agreed term by a further period or periods, as deemed necessary by the Authority.
    2. provide additional funding to the Recipient under the terms of this Agreement.
  10. The Recipient acknowledges and understands that approval of any grant relating to this application does not commit Torbay Council to on-going funding.
  11. Any Value Added Tax (VAT) payable by the Recipient is your responsibility and Torbay Council shall be liable to pay any additional amount.
  12. Torbay Council will not offer funding for:
    1. Projects working with vulnerable people where there is no Safeguarding Policy and/or appropriately trained staff/volunteers.
    2. Reimbursement of previously incurred expenses.
    3. Activities the Authority deems to promote or be linked to religious or political ideologies or beliefs. This does not preclude applications from religious or political groups, only the overt promotion of an ideology.
    4. Projects that are deemed by Torbay Council to be unethical.
    5. Individuals, groups or organisations who are a debtor to Torbay Council.
  13. Repayment of the fund can be required at the sole discretion of Torbay Council if you supply false information, fail to spend the money in the allotted time period, your organisation becomes insolvent or there are any other breaches of the conditions or eligibility criteria.
  14. Our fund is limited and will be allocated on a case-by-case basis. Once it runs out we will not be able to fund subsequent projects
Community Resilience Framework
This Community Framework outlines the measures being put in place to support the people in Torbay during the COVID 19 situation