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National Guidance: Autumn and Winter Plan

For us to have a safe and unrestricted winter, we need everyone to remain vigilant and comply with guidance. Everyone, including those who are fully vaccinated, should follow behaviours and actions that reduce transmission and help to keep people safe.

To find out the latest information and advice about Coronavirus in Torbay see our Coronavirus section.

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Temporary structures during COVID-19

Find out about the fast track consideration mechanism for temporary structures during COVID-19.

The need to re-open businesses, schools and charities whilst allowing for social distancing, temporary one way systems and sanitiser points is likely to create a demand for:

  • temporary structures
  • portacabins
  • marquees
  • queuing and waiting areas.

Whilst these usually require planning permission (particularly if erected for longer than 28 days in a year), we are introducing temporary changes to its planning enforcement policy, initially until 31 October 2021, to assist businesses, schools and charities. to operate with effective social distancing, and adhering to other Government restrictions. This applies to business premises, hotels, educational establishments, clinics, specialist accommodation such as care homes and charities but does not apply to residential dwellings (although the latter may enjoy permitted development rights already).

Until 31 October 2021 any existing business or organisation in Torbay which:

  1. erects (or which has already erected) a temporary structure on private land or on open space/car parks; or
  2. requires the temporary relaxation of a planning condition for COVID-19 related reasons will not be subject to planning enforcement action if it follows the procedures and obtains the consents set out in our Fast-track Consideration Mechanism.

Please see our downloadable guide for full details of the process and how to apply.

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