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National restrictions

Remain vigilant and comply with restrictions. Meet outdoors, let fresh air in, get tested when needed and get vaccinated when offered.

To find out the latest information and advice about coronavirus in Torbay see our coronavirus section.

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Download COVID-19 resources

Useful resources available to help raise awareness and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

This page is here for you to download and share resources with your friends, family and community. This can be in your day-to-day conversations with others, in texts, email or using and even creating social media posts.

You can also find a lot of the below individual links on our main COVID-19 pages here Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Torbay Council

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Resources are available to help raise awareness and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Information on Reducing the Spread

Resources and support to people whilst self-isolating or staying home

Further advice, support and information about COVID-19

Information on Vaccinations

Information on health and wellbeing during COVID-19

Your local GP can advise about helpful treatments and access to mental health support.

The Government has published guidance on the mental health and wellbeing aspects of COVID-19 and supporting children and young people.

Supportive Conversations Training - Suitable for staff/volunteers with direct contact (face to face, telephone, zoom) with others. This is a 90 minute online training course based on ‘making every contact count’. You don’t need to have attended Make Every Contact Count (MECC) training previously to benefit. Here is more information and how to book.

Suicide prevention training from the Zero Suicide Alliance - This free online training shows how you can help people who might be contemplating suicide by bringing up the subject and offering support.

Support available to families home schooling

Social Media

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Download extra resources suitable for Instagram.


Download extra resources suitable for TikTok.


Other formats and languages

Information is available in different formats and languages from the following sites:

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