Most Carers’ services in Torbay are ‘universal services’ which means that any Carer (aged over 16) can use them, as we believe that it is important for Carers to get support as easily as possible. Assessment is not necessary, but the conversation with the support worker is
useful to help Carers work out which kind of support is right for them.

There is also specialist support for young Carers (under 18), I'm a young adult carer (16 to 25) Opens in a new window (16-25), Carers of people with mental health needs, Carers of people in hospital or older Carers of people with a learning disability. Some support may be linking you with support that is already available in your community. Some may be specific to Carers:

  • Signposts - advice and information service
  • Carers Information and Advice Centres
  • Carers Register - including Carer’s Emergency Card (which is a discount card for local businesses and free parking at local hospitals when supporting the person you care for).
  • Signposts for Carers Newsletter
  • Carers Education Courses
  • Carers Groups and Activities
  • GP-based Carers Support (on an ad-hoc basis)
  • Carers Telephone Line - planned calls to isolated carers
  • Voluntary Agencies for Carers - Carers Aid Torbay including Benefits Support
  • Voluntary Agencies for Carers and person they care for

For more information on theses services please contact us or visit the Signposts for Carers Opens in a new window website.

Some Carers may need additional support, so an eligibility assessment would also need to be undertaken. If you are caring for a child, this will be passed to Children’s Services, but if you are caring for an adult it can be done at the same time as your Carers Health and
Wellbeing Check.