There are a number of services available to support people who care for a friend or relative. Many people who do this unpaid, do not identify themselves as carers; but this may mean they aren’t accessing the help available to them.

Getting an assessment

All carers are entitled to a carer's assessment to see what support could best meet their needs. Signposts for Carers can help you to access this. All Carers should receive support to make sure that caring does not affect their own health and wellbeing, either now or in the future.

A Carer’s Assessment is a conversation about your caring situation and about how it affects you. It has nothing to do with your benefits and isn’t an assessment of your caring ability. The person you care for does not need to be receiving services, and there is no financial assessment. The assessment should look at the things that you want to do in your life - the focus is on you.

If the person you care for agrees, you should also be invited to discussions/assessments about their needs including how this affects you, and you will be offered a copy of their care and support plan. This is called a ‘Combined Assessment’.

When you register with us as a carer you may be offered a carer's assessment.

Registering as a carer

You can register as a carer by contacting us on 01803 666620. This will enable you to access a range of support, advice and information specifically for carers.

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