If we carry out a care needs assessment and agree you have eligible needs for care and support at home, we will do a means test. This will take into account your income and savings. If you aren’t going into a care home, this will not take into account the value of your property.

Here’s how the means test for social care will look at your income and savings, and how this will affect what you pay for care.

Means test
Your capital What you will have to pay
Over £23,500 You must pay full fees (this is known as self-funding)
Between £14,250 and £23,250 We will fund some of your care and you'll contribute to the rest.
Less than £14,250 This will be ignored and won't be included in the means test - we will pay for your care. However, we will still take your eligible income into account.

Certain types of income, like money from certain disability benefits and pensions, may not be counted in the means test. This is the same for certain types of capital. All other income and capital can be taken into account.

If all your eligible income is taken into account in your means test, you must be left with an income of £189 per week, if you’re single and above Pension Credit qualifying age. This is known as the Minimum Income Guarantee.

If you’re eligible for financial support to pay for homecare, we can arrange homecare services for you. Alternatively you can choose to receive direct payments and arrange homecare yourself.

If you’re paying fees yourself (called self-funding), then you will arrange and pay for your own care, but we will provide advice to support you.

Costs for homecare vary across the country, but average around £15 per hour.

Finding a homecare agency

The UK Home Care Association can give you details of home care providers that follow its code of practice.

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You can also ask friends or relatives for recommendations

Getting financial support to pay for homecare

Make sure you’re claiming all the benefits you’re entitled to.

These benefits aren’t means-tested, so don't take into account your income and savings.