If you have sufficient finances and you are able to arrange care for yourself we will provide information, advice and assistance to help you arrange the support you need.

If you move to live permanently in a residential or nursing home, you will not be eligible to receive a service paid for by us if you:

  • Have savings or investments above the national threshold or if you have enough income (including earnings from paid employment) to pay for your own care; and
  • Are able to arrange the care for yourself, or there is someone who is willing and able to do this for you.

Visit the paying for your care page for more information on financial assessments.

Even if you don’t want or need financial assistance with your care, we can still help you plan your care, so it is worth contacting us to find out the options available to you and your family. This includes identifying the local support and resources already available, and helping you to access them. It will include:

  • What types of care and support are available - such as specialised dementia care, befriending services, reablement (short-term care), support from local voluntary and community groups, for example, to get someone safe, happy and able to live 
    independently in their home after they have been discharged from hospital), personal assistance and residential care
  • The range of care and support services available to local people 
  • What process local people need to use to get care and support that is available 
  • Where local people can find independent financial advice about care and support and help with accessing it
  • How people can raise concerns about the safety or wellbeing of someone who has care and support needs

If you think you need care now, or in the very near future, the best way to plan your care and find out about your care needs is to ask one of the teams for an assessment. The sooner you ask for an assessment, the sooner that plans for your care can be made. These plans should include what should be done in the event of an emergency.