Torbay has a vibrant market of independent sector adult social care providers.

Key development areas and gaps are:

  • We need more services in the community that people can buy directly with a personal budget or direct payment;
  • We do not have enough nursing home beds of sufficient quality if we compare ourselves with other authorities;
  • We have too many residential care homes beds if we compare ourselves against similar local authorities;
  • We would like more providers offering short breaks either in the community or in care homes – so that carers can take a break;
  • We would like more providers offering shorter services that aim to get people back home after a stay in hospital whether in the community or in accommodation; and
  • We would like more accommodation and housing with care options other than care homes because we have a high number of homes in the Bay. There is an oversupply of residential care places in Torbay. Given Torbay’s lower rates of adult social care placements into residential care this suggests that self-funders or placements by other local authorities are a significant group in Torbay care homes.

CQC publish updated data every month which shows details of care providers in Torbay and other local authorities.  These tables are the source of data used in this section of the Market Position Statement.