How to understand need within the Torbay population?

The purpose of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is to provide an objective view of the health and wellbeing needs of the population. JSNA identifies 'the big picture' in terms of the health and wellbeing needs and inequalities of a local population. It provides an evidence base for commissioners to commission services, according to the needs of the population.

For Torbay, the JSNA has been produced across the wider CCG and ICO geographical area, bringing together different communities need across a wider commissioning system. The JSNA is presented across the life course, from cradle to grave, and articulates challenges affecting different populations at different stages of their lives.

Devon County Council have produced a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Devon.

A specific assessment for care homes residents, which also covers Torbay, was undertaken in 2014 and more recently in the autumn of 2016.

Key points from needs assessment work is that:

  • Torbay is the most deprived local authority area in the South West region. There is a relationship between deprivation and ill health requiring increased levels of support from health and social care services;
  • Torbay has a high proportion of older people in the population, and this proportion is projected to increase in coming years;
  • The number of frail older people and people with dementia is expected to rise;
  • Torbay has a high proportion of people with multiple complex needs and chronic conditions;
  • Across Torbay, there are measures that suggest high levels of mental health needs within the population;
  • The rate of patients known to have an LD per 10,000 registered patients is higher across Torbay compared to England.