Our Corporate Plan (2015-2019) includes the following commissioning priorities for 2017-2019. 

Our current priority adult social care commissioning intentions are in the table below.  We will regularly update these as our intentions develop. We have referenced relevant commissioning intentions for other areas allied to adult social care such as public health, community safety and children and young people’s services.

Current commissioning intentions

  • Commission the New Model of Care with the CCG
  • Work towards an Accountable Care System
  • Shape adult social care markets
  • Engage positively with independent and voluntary sector providers through the multi-provider forum and associated groups, emphasising provider strengths
For all care service user groups we intend to
  • Develop the arrangements for care at home to ensure sufficient and responsive care and a service based on personal outcomes, with a focus on reablement and recovery.
  • Work with providers and local communities to support people to remain living at home and to combat loneliness and isolation.
  • Help people to exercise choice and control over their lives for better outcomes through the development of personal assistants, brokerage and support planning services and increased use of pre-payment cards.
  • Develop the choice and range of providers people can use their personal budgets, for example, the market for personal assistants.
  • Increase independence and reablement through better use of equipment, home improvements, grants and technology including, disabled facilities grant in line with Better Care Fund planning.
  • Link up services that bring together health and housing and enable people to live independently; developing further opportunities with community equipment, home improvements, Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) and assistive technology.
  • Develop a vibrant voluntary and community sector by
    • building on the mapping work that has been done by all commissioners (South Devon and Torbay CCG, Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust, Torbay Council)
    • reducing current duplication and quality variance
    • implementing the agreement that there is benefit in identifying a lead Community and Voluntary Service (CVS) organisation that will commission the other services on their behalf, reducing duplication of services and valuable commissioner time
For specific service user groups we intend to

Participate in the regional Devon wide Transforming Care Programme (Learning Disability, Autism, Mental Health, Challenging Behaviour) leading on quality issues. Programme aims include:

  • A better community infrastructure resulting in a substantial reduction in the number of people placed in inpatient settings
  • Prevention of people living in inpatient settings
  • Better quality of care and support for children, young people and adults with a learning disability and/or autism who display behaviours that challenge
  • Better quality of life for children, young people and adults with a learning disability and/or autism who display behaviours that challenge.

Learning Disabilities

  • Work with other regional commissioners to deliver the joint regional Living Well with a Learning Disability in Devon Strategy 2014 - 2017
  • Focus on people living full and independent lives, where secure homes and fulfilling lives are a priority
  • We will help people and let them know what options they have to help them achieve their goals
  • Improved accessibility to community services for people who have a learning disability
  • Improve access to employment and housing


  • Work with other regional commissioners to deliver the joint Devon wide Autism Strategy 2015-2020 (in development)
  • Commission services based on adequate population data and needs assessment
  • Delivery of associated actions arising from the Autism Self-Assessment Framework 2016.

Mental Health

  • Work with other regional commissioners to deliver the joint regional "A mental health commissioning strategy for Devon, Plymouth and Torbay 2014-2017"
  • Deliver the improvement plan with Devon Partnership Trust and input to mental health service redesign with Devon Partnership Trust, Devon County Council and South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group.


  • Deliver the Homelessness strategy which is part of Torbay’s Housing Strategy.
  • Explore joint commissioning across Mental Health, Offending, Homelessness, Domestic Abuse and Drug and Alcohol services to achieve better outcomes for people with multiple needs.
  • Develop an alliance approach to the commissioning of services for people who are rough sleeping.


Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

  • Work closely with Community Safety Partnership colleagues, such as the police, in order to make Torbay Safer.
  • As part of this domestic abuse and sexual violence services are commissioned and with the intentions of:
    • co-ordinating a system-wide response to domestic abuse and sexual violence
    • making best use of all available resources including the CVS
  • The Torbay accommodation-based, care and support strategy assists in determining the right size, type and supply of residential and supported living care in Torbay, to meet the demand for people with more complex needs. See the Accommodation with Care and Support Strategy which is part of the Housing Strategy.
  • Develop outcomes-based specification for residential care.
  • Work with providers of accommodation-based care to ensure environments, as well as the support given, meets current and future demand and expectations of residents and carers.
  • Implement the Housing Strategy using specialist housing needs assessment work that has been completed.
  • Develop further units of extra care housing that meet the needs of people with more complex conditions.
  • Develop outcomes-based commissioning for supported living (reviewing in more detail current demand and supply) as an alternative to residential care for people with complex needs.

We also link closely the commissioning intentions for Children and Young People with Adult Social Care commissioning intentions - see the Children and Young People's Plan.

The Torbay specific commissioning intentions for children and young people can be found in the Children’s Commissioning Plan and Sufficiency Strategy 2014-2019 Children and Young people’s Placements.

Torbay is a member of the regional Peninsula Partnership Children and Young People’s Provider Partnership - see the Peninsula Children and Young People's Market Position Statement.

We link our commissioning intentions for adult social care closely with local NHS commissioning intentions.

We will work very closely with NHS colleagues to deliver an integrated service. This includes end of life services, hospital discharge placements for people and community services that are NHS led, such as integrated care.