Ensuring an efficient flow of patients out of hospital and back into their home is measured through delayed transfers of care. Torbay has a history of lower levels of delayed transfers of care, and lower levels of social care specific delayed transfers. Lower than the England average, and also lower than the average of a comparative group of similar local authority areas, shown in figure 7 and figure 8 (CIPFA nearest neighbours).

Because we know need is rising and this affects demand for services, we are working together closely with NHS partners to develop the health and well-being system in Torbay. This is in order to avoid unnecessary placements of people in expensive forms of care by investing in community services such as intermediate care and alternative housing options with care, such as extra care.

It is crucial that health and social care, and other services work effectively together to meet demand, avoiding duplication and ensuring best outcomes for the patients, recognising that health and social care one system.