We would like to see:

  • Providers that put the service user and or carer at the centre of everything they do, involving them in the planning and delivery of their care and listening to them;
  • Providers working together to deliver care innovations, thinking ahead with us;
  • Providers delivering added value;
  • More providers rated ‘outstanding’ by CQC in Torbay, reflecting improvements in the quality of care;
  • Providers that want to help us reduce the number of people who have to move out of their own homes to receive the care and support they need;
  • Providers that help us work in a way that builds and uses the resilience and assets of people and communities, reducing dependency and need for services;
  • Providers that want to work with us to intervene early, or prevent the need for care in the first place, so that the people of Torbay can maximise their health and well-being;
  • Providers that will offer us short-term not just long-term care options;
  • Providers that will work with us to make it possible for people to buy their own care direct from the provider, if we give them a direct payment or personal budget;
  • Services that measure success by the positive impact they have on the health and well-being of service users, and how satisfied they are with the care they receive, as well as whether independence, not dependency on services, is increased and;
  • Value for money from providers - this does not mean the cheapest care.

We also recommend that providers connect with other suppliers of services across the health and care marketplace to share best practice and identify opportunities to work together e.g. making use of each other’s skill-sets, co-location of services, sharing costs, etc. This includes working with organisations in the voluntary sector that provide services such as advice, advocacy and information signposting, or can help with engaging with the wider community (including volunteers).