A market position statement (MPS) is a document produced by local authorities, ideally following a process involving providers, people who use services and other partners, and aimed at a wide range of care providers – both current and potential - which summarises supply and demand in a local authority area or sub-region and signals business opportunities within the care market in that area.

The market position statement should be the basis for strategic commissioning decisions and be published, reviewed and updated regularly.

It is intended to be used by providers to plan for the future, informing business choices such as investment in capital or personnel.

A market position statement should provide you with a range of information relevant to your business and how it might develop. It should tell you what is happening now, what is planned for the future and what commissioners’ plans are. This information will enable you to work with local authority and other commissioners and to plan your business development. This information should be provided in a straightforward and easy to use format. If you need help with some of the wording visit the Care and Support Jargon Buster.

Who should read the MPS?

The audience for this MPS is mainly adult social care providers in Torbay, or providers that would like to move into the area. Adult social care providers are part of a broader integrated health and social care system. Torbay Council and NHS Commissioners in Torbay have been working since 2005 to closely integrate services. As a result we will reference our local and regional work with the South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and others. The MPS also takes account of, and references our wider strategic commissioning role and well-being duties including, public health, housing, children’s services, community safety and planning. The geographical focus is largely Torbay, however as we work closely with the CCG, and we know many Torbay providers work across South Devon, and some work across the region, we will also be referring to information about South Devon and beyond when needed.

To get involved in our Provider Reference Group to help co-produce the Market Position Statement as it develops please contact us.