We plan to use the following assessment criteria and score this against a scoring matrix. Your project or idea may meet some and not all of the criteria but it will receive an overall score. Each section of the assessment will receive a score from 0 to 4.

  1. does not meet
  2. partially meets
  3. mostly meets
  4. meets the criteria
  5. meets and exceeds criteria


  • Voluntary sector organisation, community group or individual.
  • Will take place in Torbay.


  • Meets a gap in the local community.
  • Demonstrates that it will benefit the health and wellbeing needs of the local population.
  • Has an inclusive approach.
  • Meets one of the first four priorities (mandatory).
  • Meets one or more of the additional priorities.


  • Is collaborative or joint project where voluntary organisations, groups and individuals will be able to work together.


  • Can demonstrate which areas of Torbay (all or partial) will benefit from the project outcomes.
  • Can demonstrate how the project will meet a need or gap in the local community.
  • Can demonstrate how the project might impact upon the community i.e. volunteers.

Outcomes to be delivered

  • Can evidence what difference the project will make to the people of Torbay.
  • Is willing to ensure the project is appropriately monitored and evaluated.
  • Is willing to take photos and gather case studies of the project.

Project resources

  • Reasonable costings have been shown.
  • Shows value for money.
  • Can provide a clear delivery plan.


  • Can demonstrate a plan for future sustainability beyond the initial funding period.
  • Offers a return on the investment in terms of outcomes and benefits for local people.
  • The project could be expanded or replicated elsewhere.