This fund is now closed to applications. Once we have shortlisted and awarded the fund we will share on this page what projects have received the funding.

The community investment fund (CIF) is available for individuals, groups and voluntary organisations in Torbay who want to work in partnership with us to improve the health and wellbeing of the people who live here.  It is about using the strengths and assets of our communities to help improve their outcomes.

The community investment fund is one-off funding that has been secured via the Improved Better Care Fund (IBCF) to increase the offer and amount of activity that is available in the community to support the health and wellbeing needs and prevent ill health where possible.

A number of priorities have been set out from the IBCF criteria and those identified by the voluntary sector steering group, which is made up of local representatives from the NHS, Council and voluntary sector. Going forward we plan to create a joint vision between the community and voluntary sector and statutory services, with a view to building a partnership and a new way of doing things.

Up to £200,000 is available to fund projects or ideas that meet the priorities set out in this guidance. No upper or lower limit has been applied to what you can apply for. This is because we really want to encourage innovative ideas and the opportunity to expand or replicate successful projects from our voluntary and community sector.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for the funding you must be a voluntary sector organisation, community group or individual. This includes faith groups. Other criteria includes:

  • The bid or project must have an inclusive approach.
  • The project must take place within Torbay. This can be across all of Torbay, within one of the three specific towns or at a neighbourhood level.
  • Your idea, project or scheme will need to support the health and wellbeing of people or meet a clear need or gap in the community.
  • Expansion of existing projects which are successfully impacting upon the local community will be considered.
  • Your idea, project or scheme MUST meet one of the first four of our priorities.
  • Collaborative or joint working where groups, individuals or member of the community are able to come together to meet our priorities will be welcomed, where appropriate. There will need to be one lead partner agreed to hold the budget.
  • If you are an individual but would like or need support from an organisation to get your idea or project off the ground, we can buddy you up with an organisation to do this.
  • We welcome innovation and creativity.

Applications will open on Monday 4 November and will close at 12pm on Sunday 1 December 2019. Applications after this time won't be accepted. If you need help with your application or want to discuss your project please contact us.

Please note that receiving any help or support with your application doesn’t necessarily mean that your application will be successful at the panel stage.

Our priorities

Your project or scheme must meet one of these four priorities:

  1. To help reduce the amount of unplanned admissions to Torbay Hospital.
  2. To help enable people to be independent for longer in their own homes.
  3. To help people to regain the independence that they may have lost through a physical or mental illness.
  4. To help support and enable people leaving hospital to go home or to another suitable place in a timely and appropriate way.

If your project or idea also meets one of these priorities it will gain additional points on the criteria:

  1. To help work in closer partnership with the voluntary sector and our communities to improve health and wellbeing.
  2. To help find ways to support people to be active members of their communities through volunteering opportunities.
  3. To help ensure that people have the right information and advice to make a difference to their lives.
  4. To help increase the amount of activities and support that is available in our local communities to enable people to stay healthy and well, both mentally and physically.
  5. To help prevent ill health in the local population.

All applications will be considered against the criteria and every project or idea will need to have worked out some costings.

It may be that not all projects get the full funding that they are asking for and we are not asking for projects to be match funded in any way in order to be considered.

If your project is under £500 we may refer you to the Torbay Community Grants Fund which might be more appropriate for your project or idea.

All projects must start before 1 March 2020.

Uses for the funding

Below are examples of the type of things that would qualify for funding as part of your project and things that will not receive funding. This isn’t an extensive list but should hopefully give you a flavour for what may and may not be accepted.


  • Equipment
  • Events
  • Training costs
  • Hire costs


  • Full or partially funded statutory sector bodies or organisations can apply.
  • Promotion or activities that support a particular political, faith or belief (including repairs to buildings used for these activities.)
  • Contingency costs, loans, endowments or interest.
  • Uniforms or sports kits.
  • Projects which only benefit one individual. i.e. an individual carer

Make an application

The application form requires details about the following:

  • Information about the individual, group or organisation.
  • Information about the project and the benefits that it will bring to the people of Torbay.
  • How much money is needed to fund the project.
  • How the project could continue in the future, once this funding has ended.
  • What priorities the project meets.
  • What outcomes the project will deliver.

If you have more than one project or idea that is eligible for the fund then you are able to submit multiple bids.

  Download the CIF application form

Assessing applications

After the closing date all applications will be assessed by a panel. We want to ensure that the process for applying for the CIF is fair and transparent so we plan to use assessment criteria and score this against a scoring matrix. Your project or idea may meet some and not all of the criteria but it will receive an overall score.

This panel is made up of representatives from Torbay Council, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group, Healthwatch and other voluntary sector representatives.

The members of the panel will not be allowed to vote if they have applied for the funding or if they form one part of a partnership bid.

Successful applications

If you have been successful we will tell you by email. This will include details of the funding and what you have to do next. After this, we will need bank details, and a further agreement and paperwork will need to be completed before you can go ahead with your project.

Once we have these details and a way to monitor the outcomes for your project we will pay the funds in full.

Your project must start by 1 March 2020 at the latest. This doesn’t mean that your project needs to be fully up and running; just that work to get the project off the ground has started.

This is also now your time to celebrate the funds and share the good news with your local community as you see appropriate. As part of being successful with the CIF in Torbay you will be required to take photos (whilst gaining appropriate consent) and collect case studies which we may use as publicity further down the line and you will be required to monitor and evaluate the work. How this is done will depend on the project and will be developed in conjunction with you. 

Unsuccessful applications

If your application is turned down it will be because it didn’t meet the criteria needed to be able to fund the project. Whilst our decision will be final it doesn’t mean that your project cannot access funding from another source and we are happy to provide you with feedback on why your project hasn’t been successful.

There is the community grant fund. This fund allows people to apply for funding up to £500. If we think that your application form falls into this category we may refer your application to them.

Another option may be to crowdfund your project and we would look at discussing this with you if we felt this was suitable.