The term “out of area” relates to an individual’s care and support being delivered in a local authority area that is different from the local authority with the statutory responsibility for the provision of that care and support.

The placing local authority commissioner should inform us of the prospective service arrangements and the provider organisation involved. This should be in advance of the arrangements commencing and include full contact details for the placing authority if any concerns about the provider arise or in the event of an emergency.

The information you provide will assist us if safeguarding issues arise, or when dealing with urgent care home closures in Torbay, as it will provide a record of the responsible authority and named contact person. It will also assist in any contract monitoring and in general communication between Torbay and the placing authority. The placing authority should also inform us if and when a person leaves the provision.

If you wish to inform us about an out of area placement being made in Torbay, please complete the below notification form and return to

  Notify us of pre-notification - out of area placement