We have had to change the way that some of our service operates to meet the guidelines set out by the government in response to the Coronavirus pandemic and to provide additional support for those affected.

Unoccupied, empty and uninhabitable properties

There is no longer any reduction in council tax for empty and unfurnished properties, this changed on 1 April 2019. Before this, a reduction of up to one month could be applied for.

For all empty and unfurnished properties there is an additional charge added to the council tax bill, called a council tax levy or premium. This also applies to properties that are uninhabitable or undergoing major structural repairs.

As the levy applies to the property the extra amount will still be charged even if there is a change in ownership or tenancy.

The levy is a percentage of the full council tax charge for the property. The amount charged depends on the number of years a property has been empty.

Empty property levies
From Properties empty for Additional levy
1 April 2019 Two years but less than five years 100%
1 April 2020 Five years or more 200%

This means that from 1 April 2020, if you own a property that has been empty and unfurnished for two years your council tax will be double the normal charge and if it remains empty for five years the bill will be three times the normal charge.

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Properties undergoing major structural repairs

If the work being carried out is going to take longer than 12 months it may be possible to delay the additional levy for a year so it would not take effect until the property has been empty for three years.

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Depending on the level of work required it may be possible to apply to the valuation office to have the property¬†removed from the council tax list Opens in a new window.