Strategic Assessment

Every year the Community Safety Partnership, known as Safer Communities Torbay, produce a document called a Strategic Assessment. The Assessment is written for the Partnership Board (Stronger Communities Board) and the aim is to identify priorities for the Partnership in its next plan.

This assessment contains information to help us understand the priority crime and disorder issues impacting on the safety of people of Torbay. It also talks about what we have achieved in the last year, how we are measuring our effectiveness and some of the future challenges. The assessment also introduces some new areas of work and where we are in understanding and addressing them.

This assessments has a two way relationship with the Peninsula Strategic Assessment (PSA). Content from this assessment will be included in the PSA while work undertaken as part of the PSA may be included in this assessment.

Strategic Assessment 2020/21
This assessment is written for the Stronger Communities Board and aims to identify priorities for the Partnership in its next plan.

Peninsula Strategic Assessment

The Peninsula incorporates eight community safety partnerships (CSPs) and one strategic County level partnership, Safer Devon. Their statutory responsibilities and activities are set down within the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, but the partnerships essentially serve and respond to local need and delivery structures and hence there are differences in the way that they work across the Peninsula.

Community Safety Partnerships

Community Safety Partnerships have to produce a community safety strategy which outlines how a partnership intends to tackle crime and disorder in an area. Torbay’s strategy is available to view but is currently missing a section about what the views of Torbay’s residents (on page 20). The results of a public consultation in Torbay will be inserted into the strategy as soon as they’re available.

Community Safety Strategy 2017 - 20
The purpose of this document is to let you know what the partnership is and what it intends to do to tackle crime and disorder and help individuals, families, business and other organisations to stay safer in Torbay.