Here is an example of what Town Councils could deliver and how much money could be raised if Town Councils were introduced. Without this precept and Town Councils these services will be in danger as Torbay Council will not be able to cover these, even with an increase to council tax. The Local Choice element is the money that Town Councils can then use on what their residents would like to see in their town i.e. supporting voluntary and community groups, local events, providing Christmas trees for the town.

Estimated budgets for Town Councils for 2020/2021
Service Torquay Paignton
Greenspaces and Street Scene £769,000 £840,000
Culture and Events £457,000 £99,000
Voluntary Sector Support £50,000 £33,000
Public Toilets £154,000 £139,000
Property £0 £130,000
Administration £180,000 £180,000
Net Cost of Services £1,610,000 £1,421,000
Local Choice * £430,000 £109,000
Total Precept £2,040,000 £1,530,000

* Local Choice - each town council can choose how to spend these funds on the things which matter to their local communities - for example, giving out more voluntary sector grants, holding more events, a Christmas tree etc.