1. A reorganisation order may cover any consequential matters that appear to the Council to be necessary or proper to give effect to the order. These may include the transfer and management or custody of property, the setting of precepts for new parishes, provision with respect to the transfer of any functions, property, rights and liabilities and/or provision for the transfer of staff, compensation for loss of office, pensions and other staffing matters.
  2. In these matters, the Council will be guided by the relevant regulations issued following the 2007 Act. In particular, the Council notes that the regulations regarding the transfer of property, rights and liabilities require that any apportionments shall use the population of the area as estimated by the proper officer of the Council as an appropriate proportion.
  3. In relation to the establishment of a precept for any new town or parish council, the Council will comply with the requirements of the Local Government Finance (New Parishes) Regulations 2008, which sets that the principal council sets the precept for the new parish council for their first year, and requires the Reorganisation Order to include the budget requirement for the first year of the parish/town council.

Principal area boundaries

  1. Any changes made to town or parish ward boundaries as a result of this review will not automatically change the corresponding principal council ward boundaries.
  2. In the event of a reorganisation order making such a change the Council may recommend the LGBCE that the principal council ward boundaries are realigned to coincide with the revised town or parish ward boundaries and it would be for the LGBCE to decide if and when these related alterations should be made.
  3. The LGBCE would require evidence that the Council has consulted on the recommendations as part of the review. The Council will therefore seek to include any such draft recommendations for consultation at the earliest possible opportunity should they appear desirable.