1. The review will be completed when the Council publishes its final recommendations.  The Council will take steps to inform interested parties of the recommendations and outcome of the review.  In accordance with Government guidance the Council will issue maps to illustrate each recommendation at a scale not smaller than 1:10,000.
  2. If the review results in any changes to community governance, at the conclusion of the review the Council will make a Reorganisation of Community Governance Order.  Copies of this order, the map(s) that show the effects of the order in detail, and the document(s) which set out the reasons for the Council’s decisions (including where it has decided to make no change following the review) will be deposited at the Council’s offices, published on its website, and provided to the clerk of any council affected.
  3. In accordance with legislation, copies of any order and associated maps will be deposited with the Secretary of State and the LGBCE.  Prints of the maps will also be supplied to Ordnance Survey, the Registrar General, the Land Registry, the Valuation Office Agency, the Boundary Commission for England and the Audit Commission.
  4. Subject to the final recommendations of the review, the provisions of any order will take effect for financial and administrative purposes no later than 1 April following the adoption of the order.  Any revised electoral arrangements for a new or existing town or parish council will come into effect in accordance with the provisions of these terms of reference.