On 14 January 2019 we launched a Community Governance Review of the whole area of Torbay. The review was to consider if any changes should be made to our existing arrangements. This included whether new Parish/Town Councils should be created in areas that currently don’t have them, which are Torquay and Paignton.

The first phase consultation ran from 14 January until 15 March 2019 and was for us to find out what your initial thoughts were on the introduction of town/parish councils. From this feedback, we heard that people are concerned about the amount of extra council tax they may have to pay, the reduction in local services, what council tax is currently spent on and the number of additional town councillors which may be created.

The second phase of the consultation was so we could provide you with more factual detail about these areas of concern. We also focussed on the importance of local services in your community and asked if you would be prepared to pay extra through the Town Council precept to protect the services that matter the most to you.

At the Council meeting held on 9 January 2020, the Council agreed (unanimously) to accept the recommendations of the Cabinet that there shall be no changes to the existing community governance arrangements in Torbay and specifically:

  1. that no new parishes (town councils) be constituted in the area under review;
  2. that no existing parishes in the area under review be abolished and that the name and area of Brixham parish and the electoral arrangements of Brixham Town Council remain unaltered;  and
  3. that unless the community strongly calls for the establishment of further town councils, there shall be no further community governance reviews during this term of office.