We are committed to being forward thinking, people orientated and adaptable - always with integrity.

Why do we have Core Values?

It’s important for all organisations to clarify what their values are and as such, we expect all of its employees to be able to demonstrate and evidence how they meet our Core Values.

Our Core Values our at the heart of everything we do. They help guide our actions as individuals and teams, particularly when we work through increasingly challenging issues. As an organisation, they help us to become stronger and more resilient and feed into everything that we do.

Our Core Values


  • Accept and work with change
  • Take on different responsibilities
  • Change how we deliver services to meet our customers' needs
  • Be willing to adapt working practices to support team members and priorities
  • Work together to resolve issues and to meet targets, deadlines and challenges


  • Strive to find innovative solutions to reduce costs, identify new ways of working and generate income
  • Plan ahead - anticipate outcomes ahead of changes
  • Move out of your comfort zone and question how you do things
  • Work with others to meet joint challenges and reduce duplication
  • Use new technologies and working practices to make service improvements and reduce costs.


  • Engage with residents – be seen, invite feedback and consult with them
  • Listen to, take into consideration and act on the views of staff and customers
  • Put people at the centre of everything we do
  • Always be approachable, calm and respectful
  • Clearly communicate our decisions, without using jargon.


  • Be accountable for our actions - admit mistakes, put them right and learn from them
  • Challenge poor or unfair practice and feedback
  • Keep personal data confidential and secure
  • Ensure consistency and transparency in everything we do
  • Act professionally in challenging situations