This consultation is open. The final date for feedback is Friday 4 December 2020.

Please have your say on the Cabinet’s draft proposals for the Council’s revenue and capital budget for 2021/22.

These budget proposals are presented in a period of extreme uncertainty We’re dealing with the impact of ongoing austerity alongside the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our spending is going up to meet the emergency response costs of the pandemic and we are seeing an increase in demand for council services such as support for the homeless. In addition, the income we receive, which supports the services we deliver, has reduced massively this year.

However, despite the financial impact of Covid-19, within our proposed budget for 2021/2022 we have not had to propose major cuts to services.  We are still committed to delivering high quality social care for our children, young people, vulnerable adults and the elderly.  We are able to maintain our Community Enablement Fund which will be fully launched in the coming weeks.  In addition, we have been able to reinstate budgets to provide subsidies for local bus services which are so valued by our community and to provide additional support for vulnerable people requiring accommodation.

Let us know how the budget proposals will affect you. 

For more information on the draft budget visit the Budget Consultation 2021/22 page.

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